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BYCU: Tequila Shortage

Everything you need and don't need for your bar conversations this weekend

Agave PlanPhoto by Meritt Thomas / Unsplash

I Can't Touch the Stuff Anyway, Due to a Youthful Indiscretion in Guadalajara When I Wore a Younger Man's Clothes

Potential tequila shortage could impact your next margarita due to Mexico’s extreme dryness
Is tequila on the rocks? The next time you order a margarita, you might be holding back more than the salted rim.

These Aren't Edifying Saints' Lives, but I Love the Mini-Biography . . . And They're by Frank Rich, the Funniest Drunk Writer Alive

The Fire Inside: The Great Drunkards and What They Drank | Modern Drunkard Magazine
“Hot baths, cold champagne, new peas and old brandy” were the four essentials of ]Winston Churchill's] life.

GKC Cautioned We Should Never Drink for the Health of It. Additional Note: I'm Skeptical of These Claims. Take Them with a Grain of Salt . . . and 6.8 Ounces of Tonic

8 surprising ways vodka can actually be good for you
There’s more to vodka than just getting drunk. The post 8 surprising ways vodka can actually be good for you appeared first on The Manual.

It Sounds Like Kenya's Politicians Own a Lot of Pubs

Kenya’s plan to curb alcohol abuse: One pub per town
The deputy president has suggested a radical step to reduce alcohol abuse - closing nearly all pubs.

Monachus Recidivus!

Instant beer powder is here thanks to a German monastic brewery
This zero-alcohol, dextrin-rich powdered “instant” beer promises to minimize production costs and environmental impact.

I Wish I'd Thought of This Excuse Years Ago!

Gin nearly twice as strong as labelled behind woman’s impaired driving acquittal
A judge ruled that the woman likely drank cocktails made with recalled gin that was nearly twice as strong as labelled, unbeknownst to her.

Lighten Up, Jack!

Jack Daniel’s trademark suit against dog toy maker reaches Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court took a bite at a case Wednesday where Jack Daniel’s believes a dog toy that parodied the famed whiskey bottle is barking up the wrong tree. The crux of the case explores whether the pun-laden “Bad Spaniels” vinyl chew toy wrongly ripped off the trademarked whiskey bottle from th…

Meanwhile, Jack's Competitor, Jim Beam, is Concentrating on Producing its 16 Types of Whiskey

All 16 Whiskey Brands From Jim Beam, Ranked
We’re ranking every brand from the James B. Beam Distillery umbrella. Plus, we’re calling out our favorite bottles from each brand.