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Photo by Adam Wilson / Unsplash

Announcing the Worst Development of the 21st Century

Few things are better than drunkenly regaling friends with an off-color joke, then noticing that a kindergartner is raptly listening

Babies Are Now Roaming Bars, Clubs and Tattoo Parlors
Instead of changing their lives to fit their children, parents are bringing kids all over town. They are also looking to avoid paying sky-high babysitting fees.

But the Tax on Liquor Just Went Up

Beer in Britain’s pubs just got cheaper, thanks to changes in the alcohol tax
The U.K. has lowered taxes on draft beers in pubs, in what it’s calling its biggest shakeup to alcohol tax in a century. But taxes on other alcoholic beverages are rising, so not everyone is cheering.

Vegas Continues to Re-Invent Itself

I have a theory: Las Vegas is the ultimate salute to our culture's unbridled left hemisphere. I'm not sure I'm correct, but the city fascinates me.

Now at 50 breweries, the craft beer world has exploded in Nevada
Pennsylvania. Oregon. Wisconsin. Those are among some of the biggest craft beer states in the country. But what about Nevada? Well, we’re getting there.

Old Style Goes to Its Old Haunt

I went through an Old Style phase as a young man. But then again, I went through a lot of phases as a young man: Pabst, Old Milwaukee, Stroh's, Natural Light, Busch, Red Dog, Blatz (the forty-ounce bottle was a staple one summer), and even Little Kings (those 7-ounce bottles . . . always good for a wicked hangover).

Old Style Beer Returns to La Crosse, Wisconsin
The history of Old Style dates back to 1902, according to Pabst.

Bacardi Excoriated by Ukraine as a "War Sponsor"

If the suffering weren't so awful, there'd be a lot of humor in the Ukrainian rhetoric.

As war in Ukraine rages, Bacardi finds windfall selling booze to Russians
By Dan Christensen, Florida - As war in Ukraine rages, Bacardi finds a windfall selling booze to Russians

Soon, Wives Won't Need to Use a Frying Pan on Their Husbands

Injecting a Gene Into Monkeys’ Brains Curbed Their Alcohol Use
Chronic drinking depletes the brain’s dopamine levels. A single dose of a gene therapy reset them, and stopped the craving for alcohol.

When You're in a Rush to Get Drunk

It clocks in at 115 proof.

For the 1st Time in 70 Years, Maker’s Mark Launches an 11- & 12-Year-Old Cask Strength ‘Cellar Aged’ Kentucky Bourbon - Distillery Trail
Maker’s Mark Distillery for the first time in its nearly 70 year history is releasing an 11- and 12-year-old blended cask strength bourbon.