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Position yourself as the clever and contemporaneous drinker this weekend

Photo by Chelsea Pridham / Unsplash

AB Gives Up on Bud Lite

This was definitely a major blow to Tranheuser-Busch, but it's such a massive company. It even owns an interest (whatever that means) in the new number one beer in the United States: Modelo Especial. So it'll be fine. I even thought about buying its stock when it dropped 15%, but I just couldn't.

The bigger issue is how the wokeness has infiltrated the major corporations, to the extent of becoming completely deaf to the average American consumer. I wish I could crawl into the sinews of those major corporations and see the leftism at work in everyday office life.

I mean, in a sane corporate culture, the whole fiasco would've been avoided. Sample dialogue:

Alissa Heinerscheid: "Let's launch a campaign that features a transexual influencer."

No-Nonsense Executive: "GTF out of my office."

Bud Light distributors no longer expect sales to recover from Dylan Mulvaney disaster
“Consumers have made a choice,” said an executive at a Texas-based beer distributor who did not want to be identified. “They have left [Bud Light] and that’s how it’s going to be.&#8221…
Bud Light’s issues ‘connecting with Middle America’ could have been avoided, beer industry guru says
Anheuser-Busch could have avoided layoffs and the decline of Bud Light sales if the company was more in touch with Middle America, according to a beer industry expert.

"Drink This! It's Made from Wastewater!"

You'd think the corporation would cover up this fact, but in these topsy-turvy days . . . .

This beer is made from recycled wastewater and is completely safe to consume
A water treatment company in San Francisco has partnered with a brewery to create OneWater Brew, a Kölsch-style beer made from recycled water.

Move Over, Rum and Coke?

I've had both and, even though I favor Pepsi in the cola wars, rum and Pepsi isn't very good.

Pepsi’s Clever Visual Trick Reclaims Its Place Beside Rum
August is National Rum Month, and a new campaign uses the occasion to position Pepsi as the cola of choice to drink with the spirit.

Making Hunter Thompson Wish He Hadn't Killed Himself

This solid biography about Hunter Thompson (written by a friend who tries to be honest about Hunter's, ahem, shortcomings, but also strives to paint as good a picture as possible . . . no easy task) contains, I'm guessing, at least ten references to Thompson drinking Wild Turkey.

Taste Test: Wild Turkey’s New Bourbon Is One of the Best Whiskeys We’ve Tried This Year
The new Master’s Keep gets a rum-cask finish.
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King | Modern Drunkard Magazine

Vodka and Red Bull Makes You Violent

Well, perhaps, but it is one of the best simple cocktails out there. Vodka and Red Bull blend as well as gin and tonic. If they could only make a caffeine-free version of it so I didn't have to limit myself to one, but I suppose that'd be like making a nudity-free pornographic movie.

Experts link energy drink and alcohol mixing to increased violence
EXCL: For years, doctors have warned against mixing alcohol with energy drinks over fears it sends your heart rate pumping dangerously fast. But now, there may be a new reason for concern.

Somewhere, There's a Sommelier Tearing His Shirt Over This

Forget red or white, the must have drink is orange wine
Orange wines have been popping up in trendy wine bars across the UK in recent years. This summer, more orange wines than ever are hitting the shelves and there are great bargains to be found.