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In honor of Papa's Birthday (Photo by Serafina Marx / UnsplashP

If You Need a Reason to Drink on a Gorgeous Summer Afternoon on Friday:

July 21: Hemingway’s Birthday. | Modern Drunkard Magazine

A great quote from the great writer that contains a mountain of hemispheric hypothesis wisdom:

“Modern life is often a mechanical oppression, and liquor is the only mechanical relief.”

Modern Drunkard Magazine: Whence the Prose?

I've long maintained that MDM's Frank Kelly Rich is one of the finest humor prose stylists alive. His work is especially impressive, given his, ahem, dedication to the subject (Frank is no drinking poseur, like your TDE scribe probably is, though my effort last Saturday at my son's bachelor party would signal otherwise). Anyway, it appears MDM is getting away from prose and doing more videos. I hate to see the prose dwindle, but man, the videos are awfully good.

Modern Drunkard Magazine | Standing Up for Your Right to Get Falling Down Drunk Since 1996.

Schlock Literary Commercialism, Episode 1,004,891

But it's Ernest's birthday, so we present it.

This Premium Ernest Hemingway-Inspired Rum Is Meant to Be Sipped Like Fine Whiskey
Papa’s got a brand-new rum.

PSA for TDE's Tequila Drinkers

This Code Will Help You Find Your Next Favorite Bottle of Tequila
The more you know.

It Looks Like One Vintner Didn't Make the Appropriate Donation to the Biden Campaign

But it also appears these folks may have become the FTX of the wine world.

FBI raids embattled wine seller Sherry-Lehmann’s NYC store
The famed retailer was shut down March 10 by the New York State Liquor Authority for selling alcohol without a current license and it has not reopened since.