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"Here's to not being queers like those guys who drunk Bud Lite." Photo by Linus Mimietz / Unsplash

Great Assortment of Toasts at the End

May you live all the days of your life.
—Jonathan Swift
Cheers! A Short History of the Toast | Modern Drunkard Magazine

I'm Not Sure Whether This is Humorous or Terrifying

Putin’s ‘stressed’ administration staff start each day with bottle of vodka: report
Vladimir Putin’s cronies are said to be turning to alcohol to deal with the stress caused by the war.
Dmitry Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chairman of the Security Council, often writes his saber-rattling Telegram posts threatening the West with nuclear annihilation while deep in his cups.

I Think Tito's was in the Cups When They Came Up with This Idea

I've read two articles about these empty containers and can't figure out what it is or why someone would buy it

Tito’s launches ‘Tito’s in a Big Can,’ an empty cocktail keg listed at $200
The brand is launching Tito’s in a a Big Can, a 128-ounce stainless steel mini cocktail keg available for $200.

They Say to Buy When There's Blood in the Streets, so Now is the Time to Buy Transheuser Busch

I won't be buying the stock, but for TDE's soul-less readers out there . . .

Bud Light is ‘at the end of the tunnel’ of controversy, analyst says
Bud Light sales are still falling but some on Wall Street argue those declines are already priced into the stock.