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Drinking news for your weekend conversations

Photo by Andreas Haslinger / Unsplash (Probably the best gin I've ever tasted; pretty expensive, though)

Beer Down; Wine Up; Liquor Way Up

No, my judgmental TDE reader, it's not because I had to give up beer and embrace liquor

Americans are drinking as much alcohol now as in Civil War days
The average American drinks 60 percent more hard liquor now than in the mid-1990s, an unheralded surge in spirit consumption that signals changing tastes in alcohol. Americans are drinking mo…

I Knew It! I've Always Known It!

Trust your gut

Alcohol Might Improve Heart Health by Reducing Your Stress
A new study finds that light-to-moderate drinking has lasting effects on the brain’s stress system.

Public Service Announcement

The World’s Best Value Gins | Wine-Searcher News & Features
If ever there was a time to get your gin on, it’s right now. Read the latest wine news & features on wine-searcher

A Man's Gotta Find Courage Someplace

West Cork man drank half litre of vodka and six ciders before attacking ex-partner’s visitor
The court heard the defendant was maintaining sobriety, is in a new relationship and brought €5,000 compensation to court

This Might be Required Reading if You Consider Yourself a Whiskey Snob

American Whiskey Guide 2023 Launches This Month
Coming this month, the 2023 American Whiskey Guide is a handy guide for the American whiskey or bourbon enthusiast.

Juneteenth Rum

TDE has never celebrated Juneteenth, but given the customary atrocities of the sugar plantations, we're halfway sympathetic to this capitalistic exploitation of the fake holiday

EQUIANO RUM Celebrates Juneteenth with Commemorative Cocktail Recipe
In honor of Juneteenth on 6/18, Equiano has created the “Freedom Breeze” cocktail and we have the recipe for our readers!