Brews You Can Use

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Is this Brews You Can Use or Family Hour? It’s BYCU, but these are the reasons I drink.

Actually, they’re the reasons this isn’t a 24/7 drinking blog. I drank far (far, far) more before I became a father. I think the twenty-something drinking pursuits would’ve dulled with age, but nothing like they did once these guys starting popping out like spawn from a wet gremlin.

This picture was taken last Saturday night, the day we celebrated my 43rd birthday. In order of age: Alex, Abbie, Jack, Michael, Meg, Max, Tess: ages 15-3. Seven kids. I think I’ll salute them this afternoon by drinking seven beers while watching seven basketball games.

My alma mater, Michigan, won last night, incidentally. This is one of my favorite sporting times of the year, and Michigan made the Dance for the first time in eleven years. They were under-dogs last night, but they pulled out a win. They play Oklahoma on Saturday. That one might not go as well.

Traveling? Got something for you: If you love beer and do any amount of traveling by plane, you’ll be happy to know that has just published a guide to beer at airports available for free as a pdf.

New (to me) beer site: Madison Beer Review. I grew up on Madison Street, but I think they’re referring to the Socialist stronghold. In any event, it’s pretty good. They recently wrapped up a series of “Cooking with Beer” articles.

From Garrison Keillor’s annual joke show last Saturday: Did you hear about the guy who kept getting drunk on brake fluid? He said it was ok; he could stop any time.