Olympic Thursday

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Far out: May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won their second consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball Thursday, playing through a steady and sometimes driving rain to beat China in straight sets and extend their winning streak to 108 matches in a row. I’m not a big women’s sports fan, but I’ve enjoyed watching the beach volleyball . . . and not because of the outfits (“Right, Scheske, and you get Playboy for the articles, too!”). But why do the women have to wear bikinis? The men’s beach volleyball team wear baggy shorts and t-shirts. I also question why hard-floor volleyball players have to wear those tight shorts that accentuate their posterior. They can’t just wear the baggy basketball shorts that men wear? In an age when everyone screams “sexism,” everyone seems content to let these double standards slide. There’s an obvious (sexual) explanation, of course, but it’s hard to imagine that’s the real reason.

Combox is open for anyone who can tell me why women volleyball players gotta bare it.

Is Michael Phelps a cad? My nephew talked with a girl who said Phelps was remarkably rude to her once. Or did my nephew talk to a girl who knows a girl Phelps was rude to once? Either way, these rumors of his, ah, um, prickly attitude toward the softer race have been running rampant around Michigan. Other than that second (third? fourth?) hand rumor I heard, I have no idea whether they’re true. Heck, I’m just glad he’s not Louganisian.

Speaking of Phelps, this is kinda interesting: Where is his father? It’s on everyone’s mind. Yahoo! snoops it out. (“For crying out loud, Scheske, TDE is turning into a flippin’ gossip column!”)