Abbreviated Monday Moanin’

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Short Eudemon today. Things kind of exploded around here last night: Marie got tied up at a travel soccer game until 9:00; I undertook to open the pool for her as a surprise–and got caught up in a lot more (deck sweeping, clearing leaf sludge, etc.) than I anticipated; when Marie got home, Max (4) was vomiting; house needed cleaning; etc. and etc. Such is life in a large family, and such results in short blog entries. A few things:

Anyone know anything about the official saint status of the Martin family, as in “Family of St. Therese Lisieux”? I know her father, Louis Martin, was declared “venerable” in 1994. Has his cause advanced since then? Also, which of St. Therese’s four sisters have been canonized, beatified, or declared venerable? Any information (and/or links) is greatly appreciated. The combox is open and my email link is on the left.

Another request for comments: Has anyone seen the comedy act, Late Night Catechism? We’re bringing the show to our parish, and I saw the promo for it yesterday. Out of a dozen or so excerpts, one was offensive (and wildly inaccurate about Catholic teaching) and two were borderline offensive. I’m told many good Catholics think it’s hilarious and not offensive. Apparently, I’m one of those guys without a sense of humor because the promo didn’t much amuse me, but maybe that’s because the very first excerpt was the offensive one. Anyway, I’m just trying to figure out whether it’s offensive to Catholic sensibilities. I’m also curious to know whether people think it’s funny, but I’m primarily focusing on the offensive angle.

I’m impressed that the reliable Denver Catholic Register gives it high marks (“Though there is an element of good-natured satire, ‘Late Nite Catechism’ is very respectful of the faith”).

You wonder why there are no “catch? bachelors for women in their late 20s and 30s? The newest theory: The weaker bidders (maybe the less-attractive women) bid harder at earlier ages, knowing it might be harder for them to make a good match. The stronger bidders (the babes) are smug and hold out for the real studs. By the time the babes get older, the pool of parallel-attractive men has shrunk. Not a bad theory. You can read about it here.

The thing that I find interesting: I’m comfortable that you will miss nothing of importance by skipping the article and reading my above blurb instead. It’s a perfect example of why magazine articles need to be spiced up with interesting and entertaining facts and observations. The typical article’s point can be made in 250 words or less. If you want to make it into an article, be sure to stuff it with other good stuff.


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