Late Night Last Night

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A late night meeting lasted over two hours last night. No time for blogging today. Just two quick things:

I’m looking for Catholic blogs about fatherhood. I’m aware of Catholic Father and Testosterhome. Who else you got? Comments box or email (on your right) is fine.

My most-recent column is at National Catholic Register: The Quill and the Mouse, Literature in the Blogosphere. Subscription required. Excerpt:

Merton inflamed America’s contemplative imagination with his Seven Storey Mountain.O’Connor wrote a spate of short stories and two novels that many non-Catholic critics acclaimed the finest fictional literature of the 20th century, Percy’s first novel won the National Book Award.

Day never won any literary prizes, but she published widely and has been called one of America’s finest journalists, diarists and spiritual writers.

It’s nothing new. Catholics have been producing great literature since Dante. Heck, since Augustine and even St. Paul for that matter; their stuff wasn’t fictional, but it was artistic and beautiful.

Great English Catholic literature goes back to the 14th century and Chaucer. Its pedigree includes Shakespeare, if Joseph Pearce in his forthcoming Quest for Shakespeare is correct, as well as Malory, Dryden, Hopkins, Chesterton and scores of others.


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