Coincidentally . . .

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On the Square asks this morning, “Who Will Save Catholic Schools?” TDE readers already know the answer: Nobody.

But maybe there is hope:

In Wichita, Catholic students attend Catholic schools tuition-free, and non-Catholics at bargain prices, thanks to the parishioners who tithe regularly. Poorer parishes serving minority populations are thriving due to a generous scholarship program that shares money from wealthier parishes. And in Memphis, where the local dropout rate is reportedly greater than 35 percent, church leaders now run the successful Jubilee Schools, made possible with the generous support of philanthropists eager to fund the city’s education revival.

We just need ordinary parishioners who tithe or philanthropists. That’s all. Or maybe we can get thirty large devout families to move into the area, all clamoring to get the doors back open, with money to pay for tuition and an urge to help out with volunteer projects.

That’s all we need. Tithers! Why didn’t we think of that?

I’m reminded of Wayne’s callipygian catchphrase about primates.