Saturday Misc.

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Extreme or parody or maybe both. Either way, I’m getting a kick out of it and I haven’t even visited it yet: “The world’s first vegetarian, Cain, was also the world’s first murderer. Coincidence? Not according to the folks at the aptly named . . . The website also contains bios on other wicked vegetarians throughout history, such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Charlie Manson, and even Genghis Khan, information as well as other information critical of vegetarianism, PETA, and the animal rights movement generally.”

I’m reserving judgment until I know whether the goat is good-looking: A Bulgarian farmer has traded his wife for a goat.

We’re about 72 hours away: A clearinghouse of information on the Pope’s trip to the USA. And: Looking for Papal visit merchandise? These folks are edging on the crass.