Thursday Miscellany

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Relaxing time. I’m experiencing my first breather at the office in over three months. I plan on meeting my wife and another couple for dinner after work, drink a few big mugs, get up tomorrow morning and knock out a piece with a looming deadline, go to Mass, then relax. It’s a good feeling. Now, if only the weather would get nice.

Aside: Brew You Can Use should be pretty good tomorrow. I already have some script, plus I should have some extra time to work on it. We’ll see.

Hey, but at least you’ll no longer care about your waist line: Having a big belly in your 40s can boost your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia decades later.

Mining company plans to dig up Nietzsche’s remains so it can bulldoze. Citizens of Rocken object, even the Catholics who, you’d think, have little love for the “God is Dead” philosopher: “The parish is unanimously against this,” said the local priest, Joachim Salomon.

I harbor no grudge against the great thinker, incidentally. Sure, he relished the death of God, but he was an honest writer and he saw the bankruptcy of modernity before everyone else. His pitiful life, acrid thought, and insanity at a relatively young age were mere omen symbols of what the modern world promised. We owe him some measure of thanks for his candor.

(Others might disagree with my blurb assessment. Nietzsche wrote widely and madly. His works are subject to various interpretations, and I’m no Nietzsche expert. By all means, feel free to use the comments box to offer different opinions. I’d love to seem them.)

You ever have troubles opening a MS Word document? This program might help. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I will.)

Pretty cool: Bible search. It searches many versions, even the Douay-Rheims.