Easter Monday (Moanin’)

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Long weekend, short blog post. For some reason, I was dragging all Saturday and Sunday. I slept in this morning, leaving me with little time for blogging.

Easter went well. It was also Tess’ (3) birthday. A three-year-old in the house, and Marie is not pregnant. Is the parade of children over, stifled at a mere seven? Don’t ask the fat lady (the metaphor, not my wife) to sing yet. (Save me the hate mail. Marie isn’t remotely fat, and she knows it, hence I can joke like that.)

For Tess’ birthday, we celebrated by going to my parents’s and holding Easter egg hunts. She seemed to understand that it was Easter and that it was her birthday and that the two were somehow melded together. Meanwhile, Marie and I got off easy on the celebration end.

I’m looking for Catholic bloggers that blog about literature. Amy Welborn has been duly noted. What others are out there?

I’m surprised billable-hour conscious lawyers didn’t start doing this years ago: Workers told to use urine bags in order to reduce number of bathroom breaks.

It’s not often that I print out a blog post so I can sit down and read it leisurely and save it for later reference, but I did it last Saturday. For this series of posts on José Ortega y Gasset. The total print job, with pictures and comments, came to 14 pages, but I think it’ll be worth it. What I’ve read so far is good.

I think I’ve seen this site before, but not sure: Adherents. It lists famous people’s religious affiliation. Pretty neat. I have no idea how reliable it is, but it occasionally goes into a fair amount of detail (which lends it an air of credibility).

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