The Wednesday Eudemon

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Interesting biography of Kris Kristofferson, sprinkled liberally with quotes from an interview. I always look for the Catholic angle or nugget in an article. Barring that, I look for the humorous. If nothing else, I post the bizarre. In this lengthy piece, I found all three:

If becoming a sought-after Nashville songwriter was hard, becoming a movie star proved easy. Kristofferson’s first experience was on Dennis Hopper’s calamitous The Last Movie, in 1971. “We were down in Peru in this old Inca village, and Dennis was as crazy as he ever was. I mean, I see the guy he’s mellowed into now, doing his retirement-fund commercials on TV, and I ove Dennis, but back then he was” – and here his voice assumes an awed tone – “the most self-destructive guy I had ever seen! He got a priest defrocked, because he got him involved in some kind of weird mass for James Dean. He antagonised the military and all the politicians. It was crazy.”


Did the Hells Angels try to kill Mick Jagger? This article says it’s true. Excerpt:

The plot was hatched following the Stones’ tragic Altamont Speedway performance in December 1969. Eighteen-year-old Meredith Hunter was killed during the gig, allegedly by one of the Hells Angels providing security. Jagger resolved, rather sensibly, that the band would never use the Angels’ services again. . . .

“The Hells Angels were so angered by Jagger’s treatment of them that they decided to kill him,” presenter Tom Mangold explained to the Sunday Telegraph.

The gang decided to attack the singer at his holiday home in Long Island, New York, the BBC claims, and to approach by sea.

Unfortunately for them – and fortunately for rock’n’roll, – the weather was having none of it. “The boat was hit by a storm and all of the men were thrown overboard,” Mangold said. The gang-members survived but opted not to give it a second go.

E. Michael Jones has a great telling of the Altamount Speedway debacle in his Dionysos Rising. His isn’t quite as colorful as this fascinating recount, but it’s good.

Did I ever mention that I had lunch with Mr. Jones? Interesting fellow. He told me about a book he wrote about the Harlem Renaissance. Drawing from the words of a contemporary of the Renaissance, he wanted to call it “Nigger Hell.” The publisher said he wouldn’t print a book with that title. Jones jokingly offered to rename it “Nigger Heck.” He told me all this in a slightly loud voice, with black people sitting in the vicinity. It was a bit uncomfortable, but funny. Although I admired his writing, enjoyed his novel approaches, and appreciated that he published a few early pieces of mine, our views turned out not to be entirely compatible, so I fell out of touch.

Hero or nut? Buster Martin, age 101, ran the Roding Valley half marathon in Essex in five hours 13 minutes, and is now focusing on London’s 26-mile event. He has also sired 17 children and drinks beer. It’s a neat story. It seems he ought to be spending more time on prayer, but that ain’t my call.

You were there? Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week. What does “researcher” mean? A person who surfs the web a lot? A person who doesn’t quite measure up to the (oh so) lofty category of “scholar”? A book grunt? No matter. I’m sure the man knows what he’s talking about and isn’t just projecting his own experiences back 3,000 years.