NFP and Sundry

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BCS hangover this morning, so little blogging. Congratulations to LSU and the ghost of Walker Percy. I’ve always liked the SEC. Even though their fans have grown a bit tiresome lately, bayou country for a Saturday night football game has been on my list of “Places to Go Before I Die” for many years. A friend from the South tells me Tiger Stadium feels like it’s going to shake to the ground during a drunken Saturday night game, and that was back in the 1980s, before LSU became a national force.

I was browsing some NFP literature last night, and I ran across a stat I’ve seen, oh, 1,452 times: NFP is 98-99% effective when used properly.

I’m not sure I’m impressed.

Let’s assume that most couples can use NFP properly, thereby putting the 98-99% rate within reach. What does 98-99% mean? If it means, “Only 1-2% of NFP couples get pregnant unexpectedly,” I’m impressed. But I suspect it means, “The wife gets pregnant only once every 100 times a couple, um, ah, . . . conjugates a verb?” If so, that’s pretty good if one of the spouses (husband) suffers from erectile dysfunction. But for a normal newlywed couple or even an older couple that’s been married, say, 15 years? I’d think they conjugate that verb about twice a week on average, easily. The result, playing the percentages: The wife is getting pregnant every year.

This is a question that’s been gnawing at me for quite awhile. Any light you can shed in the combox is appreciated.

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