Stuff for Saturday

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This might be the consumer tip of the year so far (okay, so it’s only Jan. 5th, it’s still a good tip): Asus Eee 4G-Galaxy 7″ PC Mobile Internet Device. Only $399, and it’s getting good reviews. This writer approves (and even approves of the $299 model), and 29 (out of 33) Amazon users give it five stars. I look at a lot of Amazon reviews, and it’s rare you get such a consensus about any product. I need (well, could really use) a new laptop. I’m going to mull this one a while, but I might bite. I’ve been wanting to try the Linux operating system. This might be a good chance.

New Dalrymple piece (is Dalrymple blogging at City Journal? If so, good for us). The piece isn’t great, but I like this quote: “[S]elf-destruction . . . grows out of attitudes to life, beliefs, and mentalities; it is not a mechanical response to a mechanical problem.”