Polish Ad Controversy and Sundry

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Ad controversy in Poland: The 30-second animated commercial depicts the Magi visiting the Christ Child, with a 4th wise man bearing Red Bull. The ad doesn’t offend me, but doggone it, why must the corporate advertisers trivialize (and thereby debase) everything? I assume they simply run out of ideas, so they reach to areas they ought not. It’s just further evidence how the single-minded pursuit of money puts all other considerations in the trough.

In praise of the Wii. “I hear Wii bowling is all the rage at nursing homes. What a great idea!”

I gotta get one. Honey, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas . . .

Jealous of rich people? Thomas Sowell says “just wait awhile”:

Americans in the top one percent, like Americans in most income brackets, are not there permanently, despite being talked about and written about as if they are an enduring “class” — especially by those who have overdosed on the magic formula of “race, class and gender,” which has replaced thought in many intellectual circles.

At the highest income levels, people are especially likely to be transient at that level. Recent data from the Internal Revenue Service show that more than half the people who were in the top one percent in 1996 were no longer there in 2005. . . .

Most Americans in the top fifth, the bottom fifth, or any of the fifths in between, do not stay there for a whole decade, much less for life. And most certainly do not remain permanently in the top one percent or the top one-hundredth of one percent.


And it’s not even the ACLU Grinch: Welsh shopkeepers called in the police – because they felt children (ages 6 to 11) were singing Christmas carols too loudly.

You don’t need money or a fancy car to get a woman: There’s a new reality TV show, produced by Morusa Media, called “Who wants to marry a U.S. citizen?” that aims at creating marriages between U.S. citizens and immigrants who have temporary visas.

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