The Tuesday Eudemon

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The memorial of St. Augustine. I wrote an article for Catholic Exchange two years ago, but I can’t find it online anymore. If you want to see it, I’ve saved it as a separate page on this blog. Go here. I’ll delete it in a few days, so if by chance you want it in the future, cut-and-paste it now.

The South Carolina girl is apparently taking her mental meltdown well. Man, if you’ve listened to the spiteful commentary across the airwaves, you’d think the poor girl had defended Al-Qaeda. I think people feel justified shredding her because she’s good-looking and in a beauty pageant (she’s obviously beneath contempt). Oh well, she’ll be alright. She’s going on The Tonight Show.

Drudge this morning has this headline: VICK: I FOUND JESUS: ‘I HAVE TO GROW UP’… I read the story, and I didn’t see any reference to Jesus. In my opinion, dog fighting is barbaric (coincidentally, I’m writing about this on the memorial of St. Augustine, who experienced blood lust as a younger man), but NFL players have committed worst crimes and been back in uniform after a short spell. In any event, although I feel a little bad for Vick, I was going to scoff at his “conversion” (announced the same day that he pled guilty in court? what happened to concealing one’s holiness?), but I don’t have proof that Vick has been touting his conversion experience yet.

This disgusts me: “The world’s only penis museum has appealed for a human specimen.” But then the same story cracked me up: “[The curator] said people from the UK, Germany and the US had contacted him offering their penises in the past but that none of the offers had ever been serious.” I can imagine a few of my friends claiming theirs ought to be in a museum, for various reasons, some of which aren’t suitable for this blog.


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