Something for Book Nerds

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Geilor von Kaysersberg, writing in the early sixteenth century, divided bookish folly into seven types:

1. The fool who collects books for the sake of glory.
2. The fool who wants to grow wise by the consumption of too many books.
3. The fool who collects books without truly reading them.
4. The fool who loves sumptuously-illuminated books.
5. The fool who binds his books in rich cloth.
6. The fool who writes badly-written books without without having read the classics, without knowledge of spelling, grammar, or rhetoric.
7. The fool who despises books entirely.

From Alberto Manguel’s A History of Reading, pp. 299-300.

I don’t fall under 4, 5, or 7. I hope I don’t fall under 1 or 6. Numbers 2 and 3 make me a bit nervous.


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