Welcome to the Weekend of Melancholy

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Ah, Labor Day weekend. The most melancholy holiday weekend of the year. Another summer and its promises and excitements close. You’re poignantly conscious that another year of your life has done the same.

I’m excited about this weekend, though. I’ve had a blistering August schedule. My four August weekends: out of town with tons of driving, 20 people in my house, host large office party that took strenuous effort in extreme heat/humidity, host more guests and my granddaughter’s baptism party.  

I’m so excited about the prospects of an unmolested weekend, I jumped the gun last night and drank three Moscow Mules before attending my local high school home opener football game and watch my two youngest in the marching band. I have a mild hangover this morning, nothing that couldn’t be squelched with two aspirin and caffeine, but I have a huge blood test at 8:00 this morning so I can’t take anything. I’m really bumming.

The blood test is for InsideTracker. My doctor says my blood tests are very good, but I don’t like what I see. I think I may have early-onset diabetes. My doctor agrees my numbers indicate that, but my blood sugar is very good so I don’t. I’m not so sure. I told Marie awhile back, “I wish I could find a good nutritionist who could review my blood work and give me holistic nutrition and exercise advice.”

Enter InsideTracker.

This service tests 43 biomarkers, then provides you a complete analysis, using the current science, along with eating, supplements, and exercise advice.

The cost is $150 (if you provide your own blood work, which will run me another $50-$200, depending on what insurance covers). I’ll keep you posted on what I think after I get my results later this month

In the meantime, enjoy the last weekend of the summer. Don’t get too melancholy.