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Not much today. I had a ton of stuff: Lions draft day (best day to be a Lions fan), my idiot-savant Michael (a second-grader who can barely tie his shoes but has taught himself multiplication and other things, to the general head-shaking amazement of his no-nonsense teacher), beer drinking, etc. I typed for 25 minutes, and then lost it all by hitting the wrong key. Now I can barely see the computer screen because of the spider cracks.

I also wrote about electrical sensitivity. Wi-fi, cell phones, and other electronic devices make a few people physically ill. Some say it’s bunk, some say it’s real. It makes you wonder: Are hot zones going to cause cancers and other health problems down the road? I looked into the health effects of wi-fi before installing it in my house, and everything I found said there is no risk. “It just uses radio waves, which are always around us anyway.” This article doesn’t seem so sure.

This week, Professor David Coggan, a member of the Health Protection Agency’s advisory group on non-ionising radiation, told BBC’s Newsnight: “There is quite a lot of evidence now accumulated on mobile phones and health – and the balance of evidence overall doesn’t point to problems.

“There’s still uncertainty and there still needs to be further research, but so far we don’t have a concern.

“And on that basis, the concern about Wi-Fi is much lower on the scale than, say, that about pan-global influenza.”

Not as much of a concern as pan-global influenza? That’s hardly a comforting re-assurance. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Post them below.

I’m mostly concerned about wi-fi, incidentally, since I’m exposing seven children to it every day. Your opinion?


Love, marriage, and revenge: An Evansville man is accused of passing out sexually explicit fliers that included images of two ex-wives. Serial polygamists can be mean.

No need to get a search warrant on this one: A Minnesota man rang the police to complain that imaginary drug squad officers had chased him up a tree.


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