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Recommended Podcast Episode

Joe Rogan interviewing Andrew Huberman. It was simply packed with insights, ranging from the ability to get testosterone through plant combinations (something the rest of the world understands but the U.S. doesn’t) to why it’s important to keep your room cool when you sleep.

Body temperature, according to Huberman, might be the next great area of health exploration.

It reminds me of my (brief) experimentation with acupuncture. The acupuncturist told me it’s all about creating a heat-cold balance in the body. He said it’s an ancient Taoist principle.

I didn’t have any luck with acupuncture (though I’m not sure I gave it a fair shot), but combined with Huberman’s observation, my interest is piqued.

Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast episode enough to subscribe to Huberman’s podcast, “Huberman Lab.” I don’t easily subscribe to podcasts (they clog my app), but I’m definitely going to give this one a try.


A lot more Jacques Philippe.

I’m late to the game with Philippe, but given that most authors I read have been dead for at least 50 years, I feel like I’m on the cutting edge here. Philippe is still alive.

I’m combining his insights with mindfulness meditation. I think (think!) that mindfulness meditation is a form of practicing abandonment to the divine will, which Philippe says is crucial:

We must put everything, without exception, into the hands of God, not seeking any longer to manage or “to save” ourselves by our own means: not in the material domain, nor the emotional, nor the spiritual.


Albert Camus was “onto” modern Gnosticism in The Rebel, as was von Balthasar in Prometheus. I’ve pulled The Rebel off the shelf. After I “discipline myself through” the few books on my desk already, I’ll order Prometheus.

For some reason, the 1950s mass market paperback of The Rebel retails for $900 at Amazon. I was pretty excited for a moment, then realized that’s only for new copies. My used copy retails for about $7.


About the satire pieces. TDE had its highest traffic weekend traffic totals since January, plus I received a fair amount of positive feedback. Look for at least two satire pieces per week through summer.

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