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The Great Potato Blight of 2021

photo of pile of potatoes
Photo by Marco Antonio Victorino on

It’s time to drink in celebration and despondency.

Those are the two primary reasons to drink, right? We drink after work, or after the workweek, to celebrate it. We pop champagne to celebrate a big life event. We say “This calls for a drink!” more often than we say, “Let’s go pray!”

And we drink when sad because we’re degenerates.

That, anyway, is my experience, which parallels GKC’s observations in “Omar and the Sacred Vine” in Heretics, where he cautions readers to drink in celebration (healthy drinking) but not for one’s health, to correct a problem, to address a poor disposition (unhealthy drinking).

I would drink in celebration tonight because, despite drinking over the past eight days and following a horrible diet, my weight this morning is a half-pound below pre-vacation weight. I have no idea how it happened, just as I have no idea how I can fast and diet to the point of shaking for eight days and add a pound.

So, it’s time to celebrate with a drink. And heck, based on that 8-day micro-experiment, maybe I’ll lose more weight.

But I’m also despondent. While on vacation, the Demon Blight came and took out my potato crop. It was a huge crop. I planned for a harvest of nearly 500 pounds. It’s gone now, except for a few grow bags that were situated far from the main crop (which may or may not be fine . . . I can’t tell yet).

I have ordered more grow bags (love these from Amazon), but can’t find any more seed potatoes to put in them. If anyone knows where I can find seed potatoes this late in the year, please email me or leave a comment below.

In the meantime, I’ll be drunk in despondent joy.

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