The New Computer Eudemon

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I bought my first new computer in over three years. The Tech Guy installed it yesterday. It’s pretty nice: 19″ flat screen monitor, soft-touch keyboard, Windows Vista, most-current versions of all the standard software. I think I’m one of the first persons in my town to have Vista and the updated MS software products. The Tech Guy, who has a busy practice, said, “You’re my guinea pig.”

Warning: Vista looks cool; Vista looks different. It definitely has some neat features, but it’ll be a week or two before I Fonz it (thumbs up or thumbs down). It took the Tech Guy and me two minutes to figure out how to open a document in Word. Thumbs down. When I shrink screens, I can put my cursor over it and it’ll bring up a mini-screen to show me what’s on it (so I don’t have to leave my current screen–thumbs up). I’ll try to remember to give you an update, but if I don’t, it means I forgot and that means Vista is working well.

No comments on this blog yet. I had hoped that they’d be activated last night, but we’re not there yet. When the feature is activated, post a (civilized and intelligent) message or two so I know it’s working. I’m hoping to have fairly-active comboxes, though I think my style of blogging doesn’t lend itself to a lot of comments. I group topics in one post, hence people may not feel like pinpointing what part of the post is funny, idiotic, infuriating, etc. Based on other blogs that are about my size (I bring in 300-400 visitors a day, about 3,000 different users per month), I should get about five to ten comments on the various posts.


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