Blowing Away Fascist Resentment

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The redemption of Philip Johnson

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Cancel culture comes at another dead white male. But this time, it’s a dead white homosexual male: Philip Johnson, Ohioan, architect, and Nazi. But doesn’t like it. It understands it. “White supremacy,” it says, is “the west’s original sin,” so it’s no surprise that Johnson fell for it in one of its worst forms (Fascism), but he changed his views, employed black men, and banged dudes, so he ought to be forgiven.

I gotta say, that last redeeming trait gives me the biggest motivation of all not to be perceived as a racist. “Well, Eric, you applied a toxic blanket characterization to an entire race of people. You can either die a scourge of society, with your children spending the rest of their lives apologizing for your indiscretion, or you can let Franz the Trans bed you publicly. Your call.”

It’s interesting that Johnson is now being attacked. When he died back in 2005, no one said anything about his embrace of Fascism. Here’s Richard John Neuhaus writing in 2005:

When the much-celebrated architect Philip Johnson died this year at age ninety-eight the obituaries made little or no mention of his politics. In the days following, some commentators took note of this glaring omission. To be more precise, the omission was glaring only to those who remembered his politics. The worlds pertinent to supporting his celebrity status had long since decided to forget. Johnson was an enthusiastic backer of Hitler. In the 1930s he tried to organize a pro-Hitler fascist party in this country. He published a rave review of Mein Kampf, and he was part of the cheering crowds at the 1938 and 1939 Nuremberg rallies. He followed German troops invading Poland and watched the burning of Warsaw. “It was a stirring spectacle,” he wrote. Being rich and famous, some might infer, means never having to say you’re sorry. When on rare occasions his sordid past was mentioned, Johnson observed that he was also criticized for some of his artistic flirtations and would say with an impish smile that he had always been a “whore.” I am told his admirers found this charming. He was a whore, but he was their whore.

“Remembering and Forgetting,” May 2005.

The idea that Johnson’s homosexuality excuses his Fascism is interesting. One is reminded that some have claimed that the Nazi Party was filled with homosexuals, but of the “rough trade” sort. They apparently scorned effeminate homosexuals and sent them to concentration camps. The Nazis were also heavily involved in the occult, as documented in James Webb’s The Occult Establishment. (Wikipedia says the “gay Fascism” idea has no merit; Conservapedia ain’t so sure.)

It’s all fascinating. Fascism—homosexuality—the occult. I honestly don’t have an opinion, but my hunch is, there’s a fascinating web in that entanglement that no academic who wants tenure dares to unravel.

Aside: I’ve always loved Wikipedia, but I heard on a few occasions lately that they’ve unabashedly gone over to the Left. It has always been left-leaning and it didn’t bother me, but I guess they’ve actually started banning entries that don’t fit the Leftist narrative and their entries are careening more and more unreliably Left. That’s a bummer. I’ve donated small sums of money to Wikipedia at least twice over the past few years. I guess the donations stop now.

If anyone knows of a good alternative source, let me know. I don’t particular trust Conservapedia either, and it’s simply not as good as Wikipedia in general, but I’m increasingly using it as a counterpoise.

I thought about getting an Encyclopedia Britannica subscription, but I’m not convinced I won’t get a similar Leftist interpretation of everything.