What’s Happening at TDE?

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Highlighting the Traditional TDE Blog

A reader contacted me yesterday, noting that TDE didn’t have any new content for a few days. I was like, “What? Yes, it has. Did you check out the traditional TDE blog?”

He hadn’t. He didn’t realize I had re-launched the old TDE, albeit in a slightly different format.

Perhaps I didn’t adequately emphasize this “new old” feature when I launched it.

In the upper-righthand corner of the TDE site, there is now a “widget” (that’s what they call it) set up just to run short posts in the vein of the old Daily Eudemon. If you’ve been reading TDE over the years, you know what this means: posts about anything that grabs my attention.

It’s fairly low effort on my part, but it is “authentic,” in the sense that I post about things that interest me at the moment. It can be almost anything, ranging from gardening (big this time of year) to economics to religion to politics. That’s why the subtitle of the “new old” feature is “Whimsy on Steroids Since 2004.”

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Perhaps the biggest thing about this approach is the “scrolling.”  Blogging templates today use the “block” feature, which means the reader sees one story with an excerpt, and then must click on it in order to read it.

I (and others who have contacted me) want all the material one page, with the corresponding ability to scroll down and see if anything interests them. One reader in California told me, “I kind of like to catch up with what you’re up to by logging in once a week and glancing down the page and reading items that interest me.”

So, that’s the intent: one click, all content, “scrollable.” Plenty of headlines so the reader can stop and read what interests him.

That “new old” feature has become the focus of TDE and probably will remain the focus. I am looking at ways to make it the “visual focus” of the page, so watch for that change shortly. We’ll see.

I will continue to write feature pieces as well, btw. But they take a lot of time to put together. Until my office life calms down, I doubt there will be many feature pieces.

If you hadn’t noticed, the The Weekly Eudemon podcast is back.

Each episode is an audio versions of my feature pieces, but I’m not simply reading the pieces. I’m in part reading, but then adding whatever whimsical comments strike me in the course of reading it.

Like the traditional TDE blog, it’s a more laid-back podcast. I don’t do hardly any editing of the audio. I just record, upload, and put it out there. The feedback so far has been highly encouraging.