The Weekly Eudemon

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A round-up of good reading from the week

Squeezing Amazon, the existential benefits of gardening, and Bitcoin as it cracks $60,000. (“M” denotes, so you may need a subscription to read.)

The Left hates Amazon because of how it treats its workers and because it’s an abject lesson in the  power of capitalism. The Right hates Amazon because of what Amazon did to Parler and its left-leaning agenda. I’m seeing more and more people fighting against that python. This woman describes how she weened herself off Amazon. And Marco Rubio just wrote an op-ed in USA Today that said conservatives won’t help Amazon in its fight against unionization, noting that the days when big business could count on conservative support are over.

I’m not a huge Marco Rubio fan, but that op-ed tells me he’s on the right track. Or at least has his ear to the political ground and is positioning himself for a 2024 run.

Gorgeous forecast this weekend. I plan on putting about 100 spinach, kale, and lettuce plugs into my low tunnels. While I do it, I’ll remind myself that I’m acting in accord with human nature. That, according to Stephen White, who says we are “gardening animals”: animals meant, by our very nature, to garden.

Five signs of a highly-intelligent person: intellectual humility, they analyze their own thought processes, they are curious, an ability to simplify complex problems, and they do smart things like read (the PC author also says they “socially distance” during times of COVID . . . the writer is something of an ass, but he makes good points in his articles so I follow him). M

Why Bitcoin is cool. Why Bitcoin signals the future. It’s an easy store of value in times of rampant money creation. It’s decentralized. This might be the best article of the week and especially timely as Bitcoin cracks the $60,000 point for the first time this morning. M