Drinking with the Homeless

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I guess I’ll put this in the One Thing I Didn’t Really Care if I Ever Knew File: San Francisco has a Craft Beer Week. That’s right, and today is the kick-off. It then runs through next Sunday.

It sounds great.

Oh wait, Newsom still has California locked down. According to the COVID-19 Reopening Tracker at the LA Times, 53 (out of 58) counties are “widespread” risk, which means “most nonessential indoor business operations are closed.”

That, of course, can’t be. California has been very proactive with its aggressive top-down dictates, so it can’t be having a COVID problem.

But hey, who needs bars to enjoy craft beers? I’m sure San Francisco’s homeless population will enjoy themselves, proving you don’t need a building to have fun. Just look at all the fun San Fran is having:

Here in San Francisco, “kick the bums out” increasingly applies to city officials. District attorney Chesa Boudin, who has promoted a philosophy of restorative justice that has led to greater danger in every neighborhood, is on course to be expelled. After a New Year’s Eve disaster in which a career criminal, high on meth, killed two women while driving a stolen car, Richie Greenberg, a political commentator and 2018 candidate for San Francisco mayor, distributed a petition requesting Boudin’s immediate resignation. In just two weeks, it hit the 15,000 signatures necessary to proceed with a full recall. Residents, who are overwhelmingly to the left politically, had finally had enough.

Discontent with Boudin dates back to the beginning of his term in January 2020. He soon released approximately 40 percent of the San Francisco jail population, fired seven of the department’s best prosecuting attorneys, and declared that he would not prosecute “quality of life crimes.” As a result, perpetrators from within San Francisco and outlying areas have enjoyed virtual carte blanche to steal from stores, and repeated armed robberies are leading retailers to give up and close. Home invasions are becoming alarmingly commonplace. Most recently, a nine-year-old boy was home with his mother as a thief entered and stole $30,000 worth of property. In early February, an intoxicated man with a long rap sheet stole a car and caused a five-car collision that killed a young father and recent graduate of Dartmouth College. The driver was on supervised release for a similar crime committed just two months earlier.

That’s exactly where I’d like to celebrate Craft Beer Week.

To be honest, if I’m drinking tonight, and bored, and there are no good Happy Days reruns on, I might Zoom into the opening ceremonies:

There is a big virtual kickoff party this Friday, February 12 at 6:30 p.m. Luminaries from local breweries will be toasting and talking about California influences, style innovations, food pairings, and more. It’s free and live on the site.

I’ll have to be really bored and probaby drinking a lot, but if the enzymes line up properly, I’ll tune in.

Of course, I have to be careful. This is San Francisco, after all, and all the Castro District Funneries that come with it. They couldn’t even leave it out of that story about Craft Beer Week: “Harmonic Brewing is taking reservations for outdoor dining, and they’ve got a number of food partners on the calendar, including a particularly exciting double header of croissants and sausages.”

If you like to combine your drinking with charity (a double “feel good”), consider: “Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro is pairing beer and pie with a side of social justice. They’re featuring Uhuru Foods & Pie, an organization that sells pies through farmers’ markets, and helps support an independent African economy.”

I honestly don’t know how such a subsidy and “independent African economy” mesh, but I was just relieved to see that the social justice cause wasn’t “Elimination of Everyone In-Between California and New York” or some such thing.