Breaking Down the Great Reset

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I gotta believe Klaus is thinking he shouldn’t have let the WEF’s cat out of the bag

“Totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis.” Ernest Araujo, Brazil Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Nihilistic secularism.” Renato Cristin, University of Trieste, Italy.

Potential “gruesome human experiment.” Cardinal Muller.

“Be aware of how this road to death, of extermination and brutality, began.” Francis I.

Based on this article at National Catholic Register, it appears the disturbingly self-confident Klaus Schwab’s assertion that we need a Great Reset is getting blowback from across the political and global spectrum.

The whole thing is worth reading, but this might be the best passage from it:

“Without directly referring to the (great reset) initiative, he (Cardinal Muller) told the Register Jan. 29 that two sides — ‘profiteering capitalism, big-tech giants of Western countries’ and the ‘communism of the People’s Republic of China’ — are today ‘converging and merging into a unified capital-socialism,’ producing a “new colonialism” that the Pope has ‘often warned against.’

“The goal, Cardinal Müller believes, ‘is absolute control of thought, speech and action.’

“’The homogenized man can be steered more easily,’ he added. ‘The Orwellian world of homo digitalis has begun. Through mainstreaming, total conformity of the consciousness of the masses is to be achieved via the media.’ And he recalled the 19th-century French polymath Gustave Le Bon who predicted such a situation in his book The Psychology of Crowds.”