Robot Wins NFC Championship Game

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Tom Brady is going to this tenth Superbowl, David Barclay RIP, and did we just see extortion?

Congratulations to the deplorable Tom Brady. The Trump friend is now cemented as the greatest quarterback of all time. He finished his televised evening by trotting to the sideline to hug his son.

The man needs deprogramming and quick.

We lost a good Catholic earlier this month and I didn’t even know it. Billionaire David Barclay died on January 10th.

Yes, “billionaire David . . .”. And yet I say he was one of the good guys.

I base that assessment on this memorial that Taki wrote a few days ago.

When Taki once finished a ski run at an exclusive resort, a stranger walked up to him and asked if he was Taki. Taki nodded and the man said, “I like your column [in The Spectator].”

Taki responded, “What is an intelligent person like you doing reading the rubbish I write?”

The stranger responded, ““I own The Spectator, I have to read it—but I still like your column.”

Thus, says Taki, started their friendship.

He said Barclay and his wife kept to themselves, which annoyed a lot of the other guests at the private resort. When someone asked Taki what interested Barclay, he said, “Religious matters.”

He said it was a white lie to deter the man, but it was also true: “David was very interested in religion, quoted scripture, and often talked about the Catholic Church with me.”

Like I said, it looks like we lost a good one this month, but few of us even noticed.

I missed this nugget last week: “Last night Tucker reported something fairly astonishing even by the standards of the last fortnight: He said that Mitch McConnell told President Trump that if he pardoned Wikileaks founder Julian Assange he would be convicted by the Senate in his reimpeachment trial.” Steyn Online.

That’s incredible.

For starters, I think it’s akin to extortion (a felony in most states): threatening criminal prosecution to gain leverage in a civil matter.

If you slash my tire and I tell you, “If you don’t sign that contract I sent over, I’m going to tell the police about the tires,” I’ve committed extortion: I’m trying to use your criminal act to get leverage in an unrelated civil matter.

Here, McConnell supposedly said, “If you use your executive power to pardon this guy, we are going to put you on trial for insurrection.”

I’m sure there are niceties to be parsed, but wow. It sure sounds like extortion to me. (And for the record, I have no opinion on Julian Assange . . . I simply hear too many compelling arguments on both sides to develop a coherent conclusion.)

Second, I can’t figure out the rhyme or reason of Trump’s pardons. Democratic donor Salomon Melgen? Kwame Kilpatrick?

It’s a world I don’t understand and, increasingly, don’t want to.