Gomez: The Man. The Saint?

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I’m pretty good friends with someone who is close with Bishop Gomez, who was the center of attention last week when he authorized a statement to President Biden on the day of his inauguration.

My friend assures me that Gomez is a saint. He looked me square in the eye when he said it, without really even a note of awe or admiration. He said it as matter-of-factly as someone might say, “Oh, Tom Brady is a great quarterback.”

So I’ve been very interested in Gomez over the past few years. When I’ve grown exasperated with what appears to be his liberal leanings, I remind myself that he’s a saint, not a politician. I likewise do the same when I applaud his conservative leanings: I remind myself he’s just being Catholic, not political.

Bishop Cupich apparently doesn’t see it that way. Man, that dude. Whatta piece of work. All politics all the time. It’s no wonder he’s a Pope Francis favorite.

So what exactly happened last Wednesday?

George Weigel breaks it down a bit in this piece, then goes on to examine the man that is Bishop Gomez.

“Archbishop Gomez is a quiet and gentle person who does not seek the spotlight; he is not an inveterate tweeter; he is not confrontational. More to the point, however, he is a man of deep faith and solid piety, who understood in November that an inflection point had been reached and that the Church’s evangelical credibility was at stake because of that. He offered a profile in episcopal courage at a moment when a few others—the real outliers in this drama—were demanding (one hopes without recognizing the analogy) a reprise of the accommodationist approach to Catholic public officials long championed by Theodore McCarrick, not least during the 2004 election.”