Google Scares Me, Taki, the Gulag

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Tuesday miscellany

I’m merely linking to this: Google Is Not What It Seems. It’s an excerpt from Julian Assange’s new book. I’ve long maintained that something doesn’t “smell right” about Google: its government ties, its shockingly-fast growth, its involvement in foreign affairs.

But, alas, I’m not the guy to talk with about contemporary foreign affairs. I don’t even have a firm opinion on Assange.

Though I am kinda hoping that he and Snowden both get pardons. I have no opinion on whether the pardons are just. I just like it when a stick, any stick, gets pushed in the eye of the Establishment.

My man Taki Theodoracopulos’s current column is just a series of (loosely?) related points. It’s not his best piece by any means, but points are thoroughly-enjoyable.

Lord Belhaven died at 93. His widow said he had the perfect death: “He asked for a gin and tonic, went to bed, and never woke up.” That sounds good but not perfect. If had gone to Confession right before the gin, that would’ve been perfect.

“Trauma is now as American as apple pie, and purported to be caused by many things: betrayal, moral injury, an abuse of authority, the loss of a pet, the closing of a nightclub, or the malfunction of a television set. Actually it’s a spiritual void that afflicts those who use social media and take celebrities seriously. Therapists and quacks are having a field day.”

The Sackler family organized Perdue and developed OxyContin. They “bribed doctors to prescribe it rather vigorously, and managed to kill more Americans than the two atom bombs dropped in Japan did Japanese. Oh yes, after 450,000 deaths, and as early as 2007, the Sacklers began to transfer $10 billion to their private accounts. As it now stands, they’ve got a minimum of 10 billion among them, after having paid around 2 billion in fines, and give me dirty looks because I dared call them what they are: murderers who belong behind bars. . . There are more lawsuits against Perdue than I’ve had hangovers, but their moola is already overseas, and they’ve cut ties with Perdue, their baby. I will badly need some OxyContin if they get away with it, and I suspect they will avoid justice as they are trendy left-wing donors and such. The founder of Perdue once attacked The Gulag Archipelago as fascist propaganda in my presence. I should have busted him in the mouth but didn’t. He was too old even back then.”

Speaking of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag, in the first part, he talks about how the newly-jailed figured they were arrested by accident and that it would soon be straightened out.

That someone would come help them.

And then the reality would sink in: nobody was coming to help them.

Chilling reading these days.

I’ve begun to transition TDE’s tagline from “Catholic Cultural Commentary” to “Earthy Catholic Commentary.”

Two reasons.

One, there’s already a “Catholic Culture” site that I forgot about. On top of that, one of their departments is “Commentary.” I know a couple of the guys over there. They’re too kind to say anything to me, but I’m not comfortable treading on their trademark turf.

Two, I know younger priests like the term “earthy.” It’s a euphemistic adjective for otherwise good people who may relish a bit in the mundane: talk about drink, off-color humor, perhaps the occasional expletive.

If the boot fits . . .