Gay Boogaloo Boys and Talkin’ Secession at Parler

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If you hadn’t heard, Parler is back online, though barely. It’s in the process of getting everything restored, so it’s premature to start posting there again.

Once they do, I’d suggest everyone support them. They apparently have a new web host that is dedicated to behaving like originally intended by the Communications Decency Act (just a neutral utility provider).

Let’s hope more people get out from under Amazon’s boot.

If you hadn’t noticed, the Amazon ads (except Audible, which is a hybrid) have been removed from the sidebar at TDE. I honestly couldn’t stomach its decision to kill Parler and didn’t think the relatively small Amazon kickback I receive is worth it. It kind of felt like kissing a hooker.

You will continue to see Amazon links in older posts, as well as newer ones, but once I establish alternative affiliates, all new posts going forward will use them instead of Amazon.

I know Amazon ain’t gonna crumble because TDE is providing fewer and fewer affiliate links and it’s not even going to notice my digital disobedience, but for now, it’s simply a matter of doing the right thing.

So now the Boogaloo Boys are a thing. According to Zero Hedge, they’re apparently gathering in state capitals across the nation, preparing to launch attacks on inauguration day.

Or are they?

The Boogaloo movement has a large Wikipedia entry, which basically says it’s the Proud Boys on steroids, but Zero Hedge says it’s groups that oppose the Proud Boys (not stands to the right of them, which would make them “fellow travelers”).

And in one of the pictures of armed Boogaloos, one of the guys has a rainbow flag on his chest.

So, alt-right, homosexual anarchists are descending on our nation’s state capitals to protest . . . what?

I’m totally confused at this point. I suspect it’s just clownery, but they’ve caught my attention.

Were you startled by my suggestion that the United States come up with a process whereby states can peacefully and orderly secede from the Union?

You shouldn’t be. It’s one of those things that really ought to be discussed more. The conversation itself might shift the political culture’s mental landscape a bit.

Granted, I suspect such a shift, even if slight, could cause the whole Union to come crashing down. I think we’re all perceiving that the United States might teeter and totter a lot more than anyone thought and that it’s a constant fight to keep balance. A small shift can have huge effects.

Just ask the Soviet Union.

It’s also worth pointing out that the blue states are imploding, sending people fleeing to places like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. The untenable policies of big government should become starkly evident real quick. To be honest, I’m a little discouraged that people don’t already see it, but as the blue states continue to hemorrhage, I think more and more people will see that the term “strong government” is oxymoronic in any context besides totalitarianism.