Seven Days Make One Weak

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The Party of Trump; the illogic of riots

Whatta week.

I kept wanting to jump in with a few posts, but things were unfolding so rapidly, I figured that, no matter what, my post would be irrelevant (or possibly dead wrong) within an hour.

So Trump is finally gone.

It’s good he’s leaving peacefully . . . er, um, peacefully eventually.

Here’s the thing about Trump. Both the Right and the Left have been right about him. Both sides of the political coin loved or hated him, and both sides were correct about him.

The Right pointed out that he was the best response to the federal government and its ongoing raping of the public purse in favor of its cronies. For the life of me, I can’t understand how the Left hates the rich but turns a blind eye to the federal government’s doling out of massive riches to its friends, but no matter: Trump may have been the best solution to this since the Articles of Confederation . . . or maybe Calvin Coolidge. In this, I’d call him “St. Trump.” He fought evil.

The Left pointed out that Trump didn’t give a rip about fighting evil. He’s a narcissistic person who saw an opportunity (to be a champion against central government) and took it so he could be President to feed his out-sized ego.

Both narratives are correct, but they need to be blended in order to provide the full picture. I believe Joe Rogan once said Trump isn’t a Democrat or a Republican. He’s the party of Trump.

That’s the best description I’ve heard. “The party of Trump.” A combination of limited government and ego that resists friends and alliances, especially in the Beltway, where being for limited government is worse than being a child molester (I mean that literally . . . I’m (kind of) lookin’ at you, Jeffrey Epstein).

I’m not sure Trump ever had a grand plan or even a narrative. I think it unfolded for him, like he was seeing more clearly the extent of the problem the longer he sat in the Oval Office. That’s why I held out a lot of hope for a second term, almost like he kind of wasted the first couple of years of his term, only hitting his stride in the last two years.

But now he’s gone, and the only resistance to a truly evil and salivating Left is a Republican Party of feckless leadership. Its leadership is feckless because it has no principles. It only embraces “limited government” if it helps its chosen candidates get elected so they can reap the benefits of unlimited government.

On Riots

I assume most of us condemn the DC riots. If you think they were fine and you continue to live here, you’re not being logical.

Riots and public violence are assaults on society itself. They defy our institutions. They strike to the heart of order itself. By rioting, you’re saying, “Our institutions aren’t legitimate. Look, they can’t even stop me from doing Dick Thing One, Dick Thing Two, or Dick Thing Three.”

If you justify your riot, you can’t then ask those same allegedly illegitimate institutions to stop the next one. Your riot, by the nature of public defiance, said the institutions aren’t legitimate. You can’t now ask those same institutions to stop the riot you don’t like.

Well, I guess you can, but you’d be a complete hypocrite.

The underlying reasons for the riot don’t matter from the perspective of logic. Not an iota. Like ’em all or hate ’em all. There’s no in-between position.

My apologies for all this serious content. My goal with “Seven Days Makes One Weak” is to provide a light-hearted and humorous recap of the week’s events. Unfortunately, the events this week were decidedly heavy-hearted and unfunny.

A few light things to wrap up:

Reading: Jerry Seinfeld, Is This Anything. A friend gave this to me for Christmas. My initial reaction internal reaction was, “Dude, you know how many books are in my pipeline? I don’t have time to read this.” But now I can’t put it down. It’s simply a collection of his stand-up comedy notes that he jotted down over 40 years. It’s a great light read, especially if you’ve had a long day and simply want to end the day on a good note.

Listening to: “Peter Gunn” by The Cramps. I didn’t think I’d ever find a Peter Gunn version better than Duane Eddy’s 1960 version (love that dirty sax), but the heck if The Cramps didn’t crush it. If you’re a fan of that TV theme song, this is a must-have.

Quote of the Week: “One day they’ll turn off your electricity because you refused their false narrative.” — Raheem Kassam 

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