Where to Put Your Money in This Wild Market?

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Is whiskey the answer? Well, yes, whiskey is always the answer, but now it’s not just medicinally

So I bought the cryptocurrency Dogecoin on December 15th. As of last night, the investment was up 150%.

If it keeps up that pace throughout 2021, I’ll have millions of dollars.

Yeah, of course: it’s due for a huge correction, I’ll probably be fortunate to break even by the end of 2021, but I’m still glad that I placed the bet (made the investment).

I think it’s my first “alternative” investment ever. Now I’m weighing others, especially this one: liquor collecting.

I figure, if the investment doesn’t pan out, I’ll have some cool stuff to drink.

The problem is, the investment option seems almost reserved to whiskey, which I don’t drink. (I need to develop a taste for it, but as of this writing, I find the brown highly disagreeable.) A Google search “investing in liquor bottles” brings up ten results on the first page: all of them whiskey (with a heavy slant to Japanese whiskeys for some reason).


It’s a crucial question. If gin and vodka aren’t collected because they simply haven’t caught on for that purpose, now might a great time to buy some collectible bottles. But if they aren’t collected because they don’t “keep” as well as whiskey or the taste simply doesn’t vary that much among brands, that’s an entirely different matter.

At this point, I’m inclined to set aside a few good craft gin bottles and see what happens.