The Continuing Crisis and The Week that Perished

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The best lead columnist of all time is Emmett Tyrrell, who wrote “The Continuing Crisis” for The American Spectator for years.

I read the column while I was in high school, always being careful to put the magazine back in my dad’s stack before he got home from work. In the 1990s, I got my own subscription. I always read “Ben Stein’s Diary” first, then “The Continuing Crisis.”

Both columns are back, I discovered yesterday. You just need a subscription . . . to the tune of $10.99 per month.

I was bummed at that. I was hoping it would be $20 a year, but no: $132 per year. As I mentioned in this column, the paywall online publications vary wildly in price and content. I’m afraid The American Spectator ranks pretty low in this regard.

It’s too bad. I gotta believe Tyrrell is still brilliantly funny, and Stein’s reflections on his days in Hollywood are always fascinating. He gave Jimmy Kimmel his first big break on Win Ben Stein’s Money (to be accurate, I assume Comedy Central hired Kimmel, but I gotta believe Stein had some involvement). I still remember Stein writing that Kimmel had more talent in his little finger than most people have in their body and that he would make it big someday.

He was right.

I just wonder if he weeps at how Kimmel went woke. I know I do.

Taki Magazine’s “The Week that Perished” isn’t as good as “The Continuing Crisis,” but it’s in the same ballpark.

And its most-recent entry is one of the finest over the past couple of months. A run-down of its story points:

The woke’s disregard for property rights and public statues, then their outrage when one of their own gets smashed.

Last week, a large ceramic sculpture honoring ventilated black woman Breonna Taylor was destroyed by vandals in downtown Oakland, Calif. The bust, which frankly looked more like Willie Tyler’s puppet Lester than the Kentucky dead girl, had only been up for two weeks before it was demolished. Leo Carson, the obviously sight-impaired sculptor, blasted the vandalism as an “act of racist aggression” and called on police to vigorously find and arrest those responsible. Oakland’s mayor and city council also decried the destruction and ordered the police chief to spare no resources to apprehend those responsible.

A green movement’s shocking slaughter of 500 animals in order to create a solar power park:

Over 540 animals—mostly . . . deer and burping boar [whose gas hurts the environment]—were killed by sixteen hunters. Rumor has it that each kill shot was accompanied by a recording of Greta Thunberg telling the animals, “How dare you!

The outrage that is, who donated huge sums to Democrat and leftist groups, only to tell its employees that it had no money for Christmas bonuses, then sent emails to the employees, saying there would be Christmas bonuses after ($650 for each employee), but it was a trick to teach them a lesson about the importance of not clicking on phishing emails.

GoDaddy, if you didn’t know, is an awful institution. Please don’t buy your domain name from them. I’ve bought a few domain names and it simply doesn’t make much difference you use. Namecheap is their chief competitor, apparently. Use them.

Do you remember the Left chastising Americans for being the worst COVID nation on earth? Even worse than China? It turns out China (shocker, shocker) lied about their outbreak by a huge magnitude.

Funny enough, back in June, the U.S. press used those phony Wuhan figures to lecture Americans for not doing as well at containment as the noble Chinese. “U.S. response to COVID-19 is worse than China’s. 100 times worse,” scolded Time magazine on June 10.

When asked if Time would be issuing a retraction in light of the amended Chinese figures, a spokesman for the venerable newsmagazine donned a sombrero and fake mustache and said, “No comprende, señor. I just thee gardener here.

The ongoing efforts of public school teachers to destroy our literary tradition in the name of political correctness.

Last week hundreds of America’s “teachers,” using the hashtag #DisruptTexts, admitted that yes, the goal is to physically destroy all “classic texts” not written in “the present-day vernacular,” especially all books “in which racism, sexism, ableism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate are the norm.” According to the “education heroes,” that includes Shakespeare, Homer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, and even Dr. Seuss.