Seven Days Make One Weak: Christmas Edition

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TDE, Pork, BLM, and a Wonderful Life

Welcome to the end of 2020. December 23rd.

The whole world pretty much “checks out” at this point, an annual relief from workaday pressures. This year, the relief is amplified by COVID.

TDE blogging will continue, but on a lighter schedule, as evidenced by this 7D/1W Christmas column. There probably won’t be a Saturday column for the rest of 2020. Though I plan on blogging the rest of 2020, I doubt there will be any new feature pieces or smaller articles. The site will be almost entirely “blog-type” posts.


TDE has been trending upward over the past month. We had our biggest day of the year yesterday: 622 different “Unique Visitors” came. It’s a great note on which to end the active writing year.

We expect more developments next year. We have an active writer on board, who has requested our writing guidelines and plans to start submitting in January. We’ll see how it develops.

If you’re interested in writing for TDE, you can email me at the contact form at the top of the page.

Pork City

If you think more federal government is the answer to anything, you should be required to sit in a dark cell with a bare lightbulb over your head and the 5,500-page stimulus relief package. You should then be required to locate every item of spending and highlight those that are not directly related to COVID relief.

If you then still believe the federal government is the answer to anything, you can leave your cell, but will then be summarily executed, consistent with the solutions provided by powerful central governments over the past 100 years.

President Trump spoke the truth bluntly: “It really is a disgrace.” 

I’d call it “disgusting.” The New York Post has a sample list of additional spending crammed into the rushed bill.

Life is Wonderful

It’s odd: I thought It’s a Wonderful Life had been a Christmas staple since networks started re-running old movies (which they’ve been doing since at least the early 1970s, probably longer). I just figured it had slipped through my childhood somehow.

But no.

Wonderful didn’t become a staple until the 1980s, after a flawed copyright renewal in the 1970s made it cheap for stations to run it.

That, of course, doesn’t explain why people loved it, though.

The movie wasn’t that popular when it came out, due to a variety of reasons, but one of the reasons: it simply didn’t much resonate with viewers.

That changed in the 1980s, when it caught fire among Americans and has remained surprisingly popular to this day.

What changed? This writer thinks it’s simply that America had a soul in the 1940s and had lost it by the 1980s . . . and hasn’t remotely regained it today.

The persistent popularity of movies like It’s a Wonderful Life is a reminder that no matter how deracinated and debased a people, they will still yearn for community that will provide structure and meaning to their life. Every year millions of Americans, the most materialist people on the planet, watch an old black-and-white movie that reminds them that there is more than just stuff. It is a pilot light of human dignity that still flickers in the most soulless, materialistic society in human history.

BLM is Not Wonderful

I didn’t realize that the GOP has been reaching out to Black Lives Matter, claiming that, since Biden has abandoned them, they are welcome to the GOP.

I’m stunned.

Does “the GOP” know “BLM” does not equal “black”? BLM is an insidious organization that is dedicated to the transvaluation of everything good, beautiful, or true. Its list of demands could serve as a series of clickbait headlines.

And now folks on the Right are reaching out to them, saying they have a home there?

That’s a disgrace.

Blacks and minorities (especially Mexicans): Yes. Quixotic in the current climate, perhaps, but they are welcome to embrace traditional values like hard-work, honesty, coherent family life, peace, and kindness.

BLM? Absolutely not.

My man David Cole lays it all out here. It’s yet-another great piece.

Instead of saying to voters, “BLM’s platform is poison, as evidenced by the fact that even Biden rejects it,” we’re gonna say, “Biden rejected it, which means it must be good, so let’s align with BLM to prove that Biden’s the true racist, not us.”

Amazing. . . .

A simple fact: BLM is a terrorist organization. It is nothing more than that. It’s a loose affiliation of thugs, Marxists, thieves, muggers, and murderers, united by an ingrained and irrational hatred of white people and Western civilization, and a fanatical desire to end the very concepts of policing and incarceration, to give criminals free rein to terrorize the law-abiding. That BLM is not crashing planes into police stations and white residential neighborhoods 9/11-style is due solely to the fact that not a soul within the movement has either the available credit to reserve flying lessons or the IQ to comprehend them.

Thanks for reading.