Taki Veers to the Middle

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Taki Magazine is the most fearless sophisticated publication on the planet.

It allows writers to speak their minds, regardless of their reputations and regardless of whether their words skate into forbidden territory (read: “race”).

But it’s not an alt-right publication of clickbait inflammation. It’s smart, erudite, and urbane.

I’ve noticed that this month it is veering heavily to the “smart, erudite, and urbane” side of its formula.

It’s sounding a considered alarm bell to its readers and fellow-travelers, advising them to resist conspiracy theories and despairing resignation.

But it’s doing so with verve.

Exhibit A: David Cole’s recent piece, assuring folks that they are complete idiots if they stop voting because of the Democrats’ voter fraud.

He points out that there has always been voter fraud and it’s primarily the Democrats (which makes sense; such things are the province of the big cities), but that doesn’t mean it’s futile to vote. Far from it.

But that’s exactly what the Left hopes happens. By allegedly perpetrating massive voter fraud this year (see below), they hope to discourage all opposition. The result? A George Soros world.

David Cole minces no words about what this would mean:

The worst of the worst on the left aren’t wizards, and if they’re to be effectively countered, it’s vital to understand how they do what they do. George Soros isn’t a warlock. He’s all too human, though arguably one of the most evil humans to ever draw breath. I’ve said this on Twitter and it sounds hyperbolic, but I’ve never been more serious in my life: The greatest tragedy of the Holocaust is that the one Jew who deserved to die survived. The number of innocent people who’ve been killed as a result of this vile man’s anarcho-tyranny agenda cannot be calculated.

In November, the people of L.A. County elected a Havana-born, Soros-funded communist lunatic as their new DA. George Gascón was sworn in last week, and at the ceremony, he laid out his plans for the county: no prosecution of “nonviolent” crimes (break-ins, property crimes, thefts, shoplifting, purse-snatching, vandalism, terrorist threats). For violent offenses, bail’s over—everyone gets to leave after they’re booked, so they can go right back out and commit more crimes (even though Californians soundly rejected a ballot proposition that would’ve ended bail statewide). No juveniles will be prosecuted as adults, even rapist/murderer 17-year-olds. No more sentencing enhancements for weapons, prior convictions, gang crimes. No “special circumstances” for premeditated murder, child killing, torture. And here’s the kicker: This’ll all be applied retroactively—everyone currently incarcerated who wouldn’t be behind bars under the new rules will be freed en masse. Thousands of felons will swarm the streets.

Gascón didn’t run on any of that, mind you. Soros, who pumped millions into electing Gascón, knows better than to show his hand.

Exhibit B is Steve Sailer’s measured piece about COVID and the vaccine. I’ve been reading Sailer for a long time (20 years?). He does his homework, he applies sober analysis. In a word, I trust him.

And he says COVID is more serious than folks on the right think.

Mind you, he’s not saying lockdowns are a good idea and masks work (I have no idea where he stands on such matters). He’s just saying, “Look, COVID is real and the death rate is higher than people think and it’s going to get worse. So let everyone plan on taking the vaccine so we can get past the government coercion.”

I think Steve overstates the COVID problem a bit, and he seems way too optimistic (naïve, even) that the vaccine will cause the government to magically go away on this issue, but his piece needs to be considered by anyone who’s thinking about not getting the vaccine when it comes available.


With respect to 2020 voter fraud, here’s is everything we can know:

1. Fraud occurred;

2. Fraud didn’t occur on a level that would change the result (a Biden victory).

That’s it. That’s everything we can know.

Was there possibly voter fraud at a level that did, indeed, make a difference? Yes, and my gut tells me there was.

Can we ever know it? Nope. It either didn’t occur at such massive levels or the fraud occurred at such a high level that we can never discover the truth.

I’m inclined to think it didn’t occur at such massive levels, but the heck if I know.