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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

misc-rambling-picIn ten years of gardening, this has to be the worst weather ever. Late winter storm, followed by lots of heat, followed by rain and rain and rain. We got a little respite, then more Noah action, then beastly hot weather, then another flood the last two days. Fortunately, my land appears to drain well (probably because of all the rocks), but man, it’s making it hard to stay on top of things.

misc-rambling-picWe slink closer and closer to idiocracy: Tom Arnold and Trump’s lawyer teaming up to make a TV show aimed to take Trump down.

misc-rambling-picSlow blogging winds blowing ahead.

misc-rambling-picThe progressive James McCarrick was merely justifying his own perverse appetites all these years. Unbelievable. Wherever you see people lobbying for acceptance of perverse sexuality, you can bet even money that there’s perverse sexuality lurking nearby, either in the lobbyist himself or in someone he’s close to (or “too close to” . . . heh, heh).

misc-rambling-picRandom Blurb from the Notebooks:When we stop taking for granted the events and basic materials of daily life –shelter, food, water, sunlight, and the infinitely complex workings of body and mind –much learning and deep understanding arise. Robin Daniels.

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