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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

misc-rambling-picTDE reader who knows I really dig Cedar Point sends this nuggest along: “Sandusky was a very German city in the late 1800s. Also was an Underground Railroad endpoint, to get on boats to Canada. Saw an article once that said Canadian blacks (never slaves) used to put down the former slaves saying ‘You got here by way of Sandusky!'” I’ll have to start using that one before Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center proscribe it.

misc-rambling-picRandom Blurb from the Notebooks:Kierkegaard wrote about the “leveling” that takes place in society. Essentially, this is how it works: When people are in public, they never behave like their “authentic” self (the self in touch with reality, with God; the recollected self). The public, therefore, does not truly exist. The perceived public is merely a bunch of people who don’t really exist (because they don’t exist while in public), hence the public is not real. When people turn to the public for guidance into morals, ethics, etc., they are turning to a non-entity. As people increasingly live in public—as is the case in mass society—they turn to a non-entity for their signals on how to live. The signals cannot help but be banal—not because the individuals are shallow (though in mass society they increasingly are), but because the individuals while in public are shallow. See Merton, Mystics and Zen Masters, “The Other Side of Despair,” for further discussion.)

misc-rambling-picThat’s it for today. Life has me on the run: tooth extraction yesterday (thirty minutes into it, my arms were shaking and I was muttering, “I’ll show you where the body is”), parochial school graduation yesterday, large real estate closing tomorrow, etc. Giddy-up.