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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. Marie and the kids abandon me for the weekend so they can go bird watching with Marie’s family. I have the option of going, too, of course, but I’d rather slam my genitals in a car door, so I’ll be flying solo. I’d rather have my family here, but I’ve developed my own sole traditions. One night, I drink a lot of gin while cleaning and organizing my office, so I have a “clean deck” going into summer. One night, I go out to eat with mom. I also do one outdoor improvement project. I also catch up on some reading and watch movies or TV shows I’ve been meaning to watch.

misc-rambling-picOn tap for this year: (1) Spreading wood chips at the produce site, if the tree-cutting service comes through and drops a load this week. I need to get a “before and after” picture of the site. I think these wood chips are really going to make it look nice. (2) “Taboo,” a British TV show starring Tom Hardy. I hope I can figure out how to turn on the closed captioning. Hardy often speaks with such a severe British accent, I can’t understand him. (3) Golden Buddha Chinese restaurant in Indiana with mom. God willing, it should be a good weekend.

misc-rambling-picI was wrong on two counts in one post earlier this month: (1) Solo doesn’t come out until Memorial Day. (2) I would end up seeing another superhero movie: Deadpool 2. I went last night. It was a Father’s Day present from Meg, so we had a date night. It is highly inappropriate and highly recommended. Funny stuff. A solid “7.”

misc-rambling-picJim Goad on MS-13. Link. Vivid descriptions of its atrocities. Similar piece here. And more here.

misc-rambling-picMS-13 on one side, the Boy Scouts on the other: Condoms required at world jamboree. I mentioned earlier this month that the Boy Scouts now had nowhere to go but left, but man, I didn’t think they’d veer so quickly and harshly.