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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereThe saddest story of the week: “The police officer who died after taking the place of a hostage in France was a practising Catholic who had ‘experienced a genuine conversion’ around 2008.” Link. Maximilian-Kolbe stuff, but here, the killer wasn’t a Nazi but a jihadist. Shocker.

Ceiling. TrastevereThe Norbertines have broken ground on a 327-acre development in Orange County, California. No word on whether they’ll make any great alcohol, like their colleagues in Europe. I’m guessing Orange County can’t compete with Napa Valley grapes.

Ceiling. TrastevereI heard this question on a podcast: Would you rather have a Princeton education but no degree or a Princeteon degree without the Princeton education. If we’re talking a run-of-the-mill undergrad degree, I think the answer is pretty obvious, and it highlights the ridiculousness of higher education today. It’s all about “getting the piece of paper,” not about learning anything. Or, at the author on the podcast says, it’s about “signalling,” not education.

Ceiling. Trastevere