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misc-rambling-picMore Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereDon Beland is converting his five-bedroom suburban home in Holly Springs, N.C., into a farm—indoors. WSJ Subscription-Required Link. Of course, Don Beland has a supportive wife, which is something that, ahem, not all of us have. I feel fortunate to have enough grow lamp space to start about 100 plugs in my house (I also have a grow station in the basement of my law office, where I can start about 250 plugs).

Ceiling. TrastevereThe article is pretty interesting. It describes various home-based indoor grow operations and the impressive extent to which some guys have taken it. Even I think some of it goes too far, as evidenced by this: “Mr. Beecroft has converted a living room bar into a seed-starting operation.” Unless he’s using it to grow cocktail garnishments, that’s kinda disturbing.

Ceiling. TrastevereIs your week going well? Let’s see if we can change that: “Underwater supervolcano could erupt without warning and kill 100 million people.” Link. Fortunately for us, the volcano is located off the coast of Japan, so, other than a potential worldwide volcanic winter, its direct impact won’t be felt in the United States. And heck, it might even free us from the terrible NBC Olympics coverage.

Ceiling. TrastevereFulton Sheen and the ugliness of ecclesiastical politics, then and now. All sorts of stuff in this piece: biography, humorous anecdotes, unseemly underside of the huge bureaucracy that is the Church, etc.

Ceiling. TrastevereI’ve more or less followed the Fulton Bones controversy over the past few years. As I understand it, everybody agreed the body would stay in NYC, but then NYC continued to ignore the cause: just did nothing for many, many years despite pleas from the family, until, finally, Fulton’s nearest relative got fed up and started the process from the Peoria Diocese. Now that all the work is done, the NY Diocese says the bones ought to stay there. New York is nothing if not dishonorable.