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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereAh, summer. I’m taking first “stay-cation” this week. I’ll spend a little while on the road, but for the most part, I’m staying put. A few long days at the produce stand site, keeping my fingers on the pulse of a few files, reading, daily Mass. I’m greatly looking forward to it.

Ceiling. TrastevereMax and I may have broken the $100 in grossly sales last week. It’s hard to say. We delivered the last ten pounds of produce to a local restaurant before Max left for a vacation with my in-laws and told the manager to pay us whatever he thinks it’s worth. If it’s worth even half the customary price paid by the restaurant, we will break $100.

Ceiling. TrastevereIt’s been a frustrating effort, I won’t lie, but I suppose few brand new businesses don’t have unexpected hills. Fortunately, things seem to be going more smoothly now and many of our “problems” shouldn’t repeat themselves next year. At this point, our key focuses are (i) developing regular crop production so we can serve large customers better (my job), and (ii) developing a broader individual customer base (Max’s job). I’m optimistic we will make strides in both areas, but either way, this is the year of experimentation and we got a very late start (just harvested my first crop at the produce stand last week). I think this partial year will give us a solid block to build on next year.