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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereSpeaking of ESPN, I’m officially boycotting their sponsors. I figure, what the heck. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll much feel the sting, since I don’t buy many of their sponsors’ products, but Captain Morgan will! It’s sold by Diageo, who also sells Smirnoff. Man, when I get this boycott in full swing, they’re gonna feel it . . . and my liver will thank me.

Ceiling. TrastevereMy ideological core recoils in horror, but I have started buying iBonds again. They’re paying 2.76%, the income is tax-deferred, and the federal government guarantees payment. Sure, the federal government can default, but if that happens, we all have more to worry about than the 2.76% interest.

Ceiling. TrastevereAnother public service announcement: Researchers reveal how far the 50 most popular cars in America will REALLY drive on empty – and it could be anywhere between 25 and 114 miles. My minivan isn’t listed, but I’m guessing it can go about forty miles, based on what I’m seeing at that link.

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