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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereWorld Youth Day 2016 starts next month. My daughter Abbie still gets elated, thinking about her experience in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. I never knew what exactly to think about WYD, but after seeing its effects first-hand, I endorse it.

Ceiling. TrastevereThis WYD is in Krakow. This nifty article gives brief bios of five great modern Polish saints, including JPII, Maximilian, and Faustina.

Ceiling. TrastevereI’m kinda getting the impression it’s not acceptable to refer to them as “Polacks.”

Ceiling. TrasteverePolack jokes were a staple of my upbringing, so much so that I actually thought for awhile that Poles were less intelligent than most people. When I was about ten years old, my father, a well-known Polack joke teller, got pretty irate with me for making some statement that implied (or stated) that Poles are less intelligent.

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