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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereReturn from Vacation Day. It’s not nearly as sad as it sounds, but then again, I worked most of Friday and a little bit on Saturday, so it’s not like I’m walking back into a hell hole of uncertainty. Like most things, the dread is worse than the thing. Just one more reason to live in the present.

Ceiling. TrastevereThis piece is a bit too harsh for my comfort, but the author, writing about immigrants waiving the Mexican flag, asks a simple and fair question: If you’re so proud of Mexico, why are you here? The question is rhetorical, of course.

Ceiling. TrastevereI once wrote that it’s easier to hate or love people in the abstract than it is to hate or love people in person. My experience with Mexicans is just the opposite. When I see Mexican nationalists like those orcs in San Jose, I want to send everyone of them back across the border. When I think of such a thing happening to the Mexicans in my community, I want to cry.

Ceiling. TrastevereYet more Gavin McInnes: Playing Gay in F-L-A, talking about taking on Muslims in Orlando. “We tried tolerance.It doesn’t work. When you tolerate the intolerant, they respond with more intolerance. Appeasing them is like handing a vampire a drop of blood and asking, ‘Now will you leave me alone?'”

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