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As I mentioned yesterday, I was in charge of prom preparations on Saturday. I’m not much of a photographer, but I took my role seriously and did a pretty good job with my iPhone. Here are pictures of my second son right before heading out to pick up his date. I should’ve taken him outside, but we were a bit rushed. I think this is evidence that you don’t need to pay a professional prom photographer to get first-rate pics of your kid on his big day. Enjoy.

This is Jack in the traditional prom pose:

Traditional pose Jack

I call this one “Casual Jack”:

Casual Jack

Texting Jack:

Jack Texting

Coming-out-of-the-bathroom Jack:

Jack Coming Out of the Bathroom

Texting-while-coming-out-of-the-bathroom Jack:

Jack Texting While Coming ouf of the Bathroom

Cleaning Jack:

Jack Cleaning

Showing-empathy-for-those-less-fortunate Jack:

Jack Crippled

Holding-a-dancing-duck Jack:

Jack Dancing Duck

And of course, Gardening Jack:

Jack Gardening

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