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This link has one of the best assortment of “info-graphics” (deplorable term) I’ve ever seen about drinking. Want to identify the different types of wine glasses? See chart 1. Want to match chips with wine? Chart 5. How about beer and cheese? Chart 8. Trying to figure out how much booze to buy for a party? Chart 6. Want to handy reference for making 30 interesting shots? Chart 16. * * * * * * * Happy birthday to my Mom today. She could identify all those glasses in chart 1. * * * * * * * World map featuring each country’s favorite beer. Of course, our favorite beer is shown as Bud Light, which is an embarrassment, but I guess it’s consistent with our taste in government: long on marketing/reach, short on substance/wisdom. * * * * * * * Pretty interesting: Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History: “’Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History’” uses National Archives documents and artifacts to show how government programs and policies changed over time and to illustrate the wide variety of views Americans hold about alcohol. Youtube video below.